Real stories of friendship and mentorship changing lives.

Partner Organizations

Who do we serve

Families who could benefit from a healthy relationship and an added support system.

Referrals come to us from:

Department of Health and Welfare
Family Advocates
Boise Rescue Mission Ministries
And other charitable organizations

Our Story

Being foster parents brought many beautiful children into our home. Each experience was precious, soul-stretching, and heart crushing all at once. Ironically, the pain and discomfort never seemed to outweigh …

Our Mission

We believe in the capacity of parents to make positive changes in their life. Our goal is not to fix people or their problems, but to help them feel empowered to change their trajectory.

2018 Casey Foundation

Idaho Child Welfare Statistics

By strengthening families…we change the statistics…we change a life…we change the future.

Children Involved In Maltreatment
Received Intervention Services
Entered Foster Care
17 %
Enter Foster Care For Abuse
83 %
Enter Foster Care For Neglect or Other Reasons
63 %
United With Their Families
22 %
Exited To Adoption
7 %
Exited to Relative Care
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Resources for Mentors

Experiencing Financial Abuse

“The devastating impact of financial abuse lasts longer than other areas of harm from an abusive relationship,” says Shannon Thomas, a licensed clinical social worker and certified clinical trauma professional who has conducted extensive research on financial abuse. “It undermines the survivor’s ability to navigate …