We believe every family has strengths, that if nurtured, can bring about sustainable change and self-reliance. While our mentors are not therapists or experts, our hope is for people from hard places to flourish through friendship and connection.

Hand in Hand receives referrals of families who are struggling to meet the needs of their children and could benefit from positive relationships and an added support system.

We receive referrals from organizations like:

  • Department of Health and Welfare
  • Family Advocates
  • Boise Rescue Mission Ministries

What does it look like to be a mentor?

Think about how you interact with your own friends, how do you keep those relationships strong? It might be a phone call each month, a weekly text to say hello, taking them out to lunch for their birthday, helping them think through a problem. It’s as simple as that!

A mentor will share information about classes, opportunities and resources within the individual’s geographical area. The intent is to network and integrate individuals to an awareness of the community support and learning opportunities around them. 

There is no requirement for how much time a mentor spends with their mentee; that dynamic and frequency will be determined by the partnership. Mentors are assigned for one year but the hope is to create a healthy relationship that goes far beyond the year mark. The long-term vision of this program will create stronger, stabilized families; joy and fulfillment for the mentor, and a more united community bridged by caring and compassion.