Understanding ACEs

As mentors at Hand in Hand Family Mentorship, you will have the opportunity to associate with an individual that you may not typically cross paths with in life. Some of these individuals come from a history of abuse, neglect, trauma, and addictions, which have led to poor choices and serious mental and physical challenges. While their trauma doesn’t excuse their poor choices, it provides an explanation of why they are so challenged. 

Life is hard for all of us, but it is especially difficult for these individuals because they are dealing with the effects of trauma, in addition to surviving life’s normal challenges. It is a difficult journey and without support, they often feel hopeless that life will ever get better.

It has been said that when dealing with people who come from places of trauma, instead of asking, “What is wrong with them?” Ask, “What happened to them?” This perspective allows those of us who can help to look with compassion and patience, instead of judgment and harshness.

Take time to watch the videos in this course and become more familiar with the concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Take note of the transformative influence that relationships have in building resilience in those who come from trauma. Having this information will better help you establish a supportive and healthy relationship with your mentee.

You will find incredible fulfillment and satisfaction in this unique opportunity to walk hand in hand with another who comes from a place of great need. We are all the solution to this social epidemic as we work as a team to heal and uplift our community, one by one.