Maintaining proper boundaries

Our goal at HNH is for mentor and mentees to have fulfilling and meaningful interactions and to protect all parties from precarious circumstances. For this reason we want to review healthy and safe boundaries.

  • Don’t become overly involved in personal issues. While you want to have good communication, getting emotionally drawn into personal issues will complicate their situation and will not allow you to think objectively for the solutions that are most needed.
  • Let your assigned family know that they are free to share things with you but that you are required by law to report any illegal activity or issues relating to abuse.
  • Do not become romantically involved with your mentee
  • Do not be alone with a member of the opposite sex. If you need to talk, place yourself in public areas where you are not isolated.
  • Do not be alone with any children
  • No overnight visits
  • Do not involve your mentee family in risky activities
  • No unwelcome physical contact, such as inappropriate touching, patting, pinching, punching, and physical assault.
  • No unwelcome physical, verbal, visual, or behavioral mannerisms or conduct that denigrates, shows hostility, or aversion toward any individual.
  • No demeaning or exploitative behavior of either a sexual or nonsexual nature, including threats of such behavior.
  • No display of demeaning, suggestive, or pornographic material.
  • No drinking while driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • No possession of drugs and illegal substances
  • No use of alcohol, or firearms while engaged in mentoring activities
  • Inform HNH of any concerns you might have regarding suspicious behavior
  • Report any inappropriate emails or communications to HNH
  • If you suspect any abuse of any kind, immediately contact HNH
  • Mentors are covered by liability insurance but if the mentor chooses to engage in criminal or punishable behavior, they will be subject to personal liability for those actions.